Participant Evaluation Form

Step 1 of 4

  • 1) Quality of the event

  • How useful for your professional activity did you find this event?
  • If this activity was not useful, please explain why:
  • What was the best aspect of this event?
  • What was the worst aspect of this event?
  • 2) Relevance of the event

  • Did the event fulfil your educational goals and expected learning outcomes?
  • Was the presented information well balanced and consistently supported by a valid scientific evidence base?
  • 3) Suitability of formats used during the event

  • Was there adequate time available for discussions, questions & answers and learner engagement?
  • Can you indicate any innovative elements during the activity?
  • 4) Ways the event affects clinical practice

  • Will the information you learnt be implemented in your practice?
  • Can you provide ONE example how this event will influence your future practice?
  • 5) Commercial bias

  • Did all the faculty members provide their potential conflict of interest declaration with the sponsor(s) as a second slide of their presentation?
  • Can you provide an example of biased presentation in this activity?
  • Do you agree that the information was overall free of commercial and other bias?