About Utrecht

Utrecht is the Netherlands’ most central large city, located only 30 minutes by train from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. It’s medieval city centre with the characteristic canals and wharfs, historic buildings, and churches form a true world attraction. The more than 600 years old Dom Tower of the Cathedral forms the most recognisable landmark of the city centre and is the highest in the Netherlands. In the Museum Quarter, situated in the heart of the city, there are 7 large and famous museums with collections closely linked with the city’s past and present.  The city centre has more than just museums and historic buildings, however. While walking around the visitor constantly comes across new places, such as hidden courtyards, an enormous diversity of shops, pleasant street café’s and many restaurants. Utrecht hosts several world class cultural events every year and in the modern music centre Tivoli-Vredenburg a variety of concerts take place. It is because of this that Utrecht is called “the beating heart of the Netherlands”.